Ai for Coaches: How to Automate Your Coaching Business in Minutes

August 23, 2023

If you want to take your coaching business to the next level (without being replaced by Ai), you need to listen to this week's Big Leap podcast.

Gay and Mike covered some mind-blowing strategies on how to leverage Ai as a coach to be more efficient, effective and EXPAND your capabilities (not reduce them).

This was one of Mike's favorite episodes because it was totally improvised and unscripted. Just he and Gay riffing on how to practically apply Ai as a coach TODAY.

They built prompts in real-time, created content together, designed original artwork and even wrote client emails!

You'll get a ton of value from hearing Gay learn new AI tricks—and how you can put these tools to work immediately in your own business.

Gay also shares his personal insights on:

  • Why most coaches fail within 5 years (and how to avoid it)
  • The key skill 90% don't learn until their 50's (that makes the difference between average and world-class coaching)
  • Boundary myths most practitioners believe (and the surprising truth)
  • And much more!

The key to Ai is understanding how to prompt it. Mike shared his exact prompts, formulas and favorite tools with Gay so you can swipe what works!

Want to know the craziest part? This technology is available to anyone right now for FREE or dirt cheap.

If you want to learn directly from one of the legends in coaching and personal development – AND – get priceless tips on integrating Ai into your daily work, growing your biz faster and impacting more people… don’t miss this episode!

Key Takeaways

  • (02:39) How to be a better, more effective coach and expand your capabilities using Ai
  • (06:40) The most essential thing coaches need to know and do in order to thrive in their personal and professional life
  • (10:39) Continuous learning and emotional intelligence are two of the most important things to consider
  • (15:59) Writing an outbound email using Ai
  • (23:58) How to create an image using Mid Journey
  • (38:36) How to write a book in a day

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