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The difference between stagnation and success lies in the
decisions you make in the moments that matter.
This podcast is about THOSE turning points—the single decisions
in life and business that changed everything.

One-Time - Once in a Lifetime

Experience with Gay and Mike

Gay and Mike are planning something very cool and very special. They’re about to create “The Big Leap Experience” - an opportunity to join them on an adventure of SPIRIT, CONNECTION and TRANSFORMATION. They’ll help you overcome your “Upper Limits” challenges, tap into your deepest creativity and create CONSCIOUS LUCK by discovering the 9th Secret. If you’d like to be notified as soon as this new program is released, apply for The Big Leap Experience by clicking the button below. 

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"When you stop complaining about time, you stop perpetuating the destructive myth that time is the persecutor and you are its victim"

Gay Hendricks


About Our Podcast

We'll talk about business, relationships, limiting beliefs, creating freedom, and from time to time, you’ll also meet some of our favorite thinkers, thought leaders and celebrities, and hear about their Big Leaps.

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