“Your Big Leap Year”- Gay’s Brand New Book

March 30, 2024

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Mike has an insanely valuable resource to share with you today – one that's going to blow your mind wide open and put you on the fast track to unleashing your full creative genius.

As you know, Mike's brilliant co-host, Gay Hendricks, is the legendary author of “The Big Leap” and other transformational books. Well, he just released a groundbreaking new book called “Your Big Leap Year,” and the conversation about it was truly next-level.

Gay lays out a power-packed “owner's manual for your mind” to help you make daily expansions into living from your highest creative potential. He shares insights like:

⭐️ The two “sacred elements” that define true genius (and how to embody them)
⭐️ A shockingly simple commitment to transform your whole life
⭐️ His life-changing morning ritual (after 52 years of daily practice!)
⭐️ How to create the time you need to unleash your unique brilliance
⭐️ Visceral techniques to “feel” commitments in your body (not just think them)

This isn't just theory, either. Gay draws from his own personal journey transforming from a broke, overweight smoker in a toxic relationship to international success as a pioneering author and human consciousness guide.

He's spent over 50 years mastering how to unleash the creative fire burning within each of us. “Your Big Leap Year” is his masterful recipe book for activating that spark, with 367 profound (yet simple) daily experiences to stoke your genius flame.

Do yourself a favor and take the first step on “Your Big Leap Year” by checking out this episode now. You will walk away with powerful mindset shifts and a clearer vision of your genius.

Don’t forget to grab Gay’s new book on Amazon: www.BigLeapPodcast.com/BLY

Key Takeaways

  • (04:05) “Your Big Leap Year” breaks down daily self-improvement tasks.
  • (08:34) Embrace change, find your real potential!
  • (13:02) Commit to focusing on your genius daily.
  • (17:08) It's all about finding and ditching limitations.
  • (18:40) Being amazed by life's wonders and creativity.
  • (24:09) Helping people break through limits and shine.
  • (29:32) Genius is about doing what you love and making a contribution to humanity.
  • (34:41) Discovering and nurturing your genius, that's the theme.
  • (37:30) Make time for wonder, then boost it.
  • (50:19) Commit to being aware and expressing yourself!

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