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The Big Leap Episode 78 Cover Photo showing a photo of Gay Hendricks and the words "Surfing The Leading Edge - Reinventing Yourself At Any Age."

Surfing The Leading Edge

Reinventing Yourself at Any Age Lots of people go into midlife without opening up to find out what their real genius is for THIS stage of their life. One of Gay’s mentors said, “Every Breath You Take after 50 is a choice between creativity or stagnation” and that’s what today’s episode is all about. Mike…
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The Big Leap Episode 77 Cover Photo showing a photo of Steven Sashen and the words "Steven Sashen - The Creator of Xero Shoes."

Steven Sashen, The Creator of Xero Shoes

The Evolution of A Renaissance Man What do you get when you combine a comedian, a sprinter, a filmmaker, an archer, and an entrepreneur all in one? You get Steven Sashen, and this week, Gay and Mike had the pleasure of picking his brain. One of the things that Mike loves about Steven is that…
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The Big Leap Episode 76 Cover Photo showing a photo of Gay Hendricks and the words "The Secret to Unlocking Your Creativity."

The Secret to Unlocking Your Creativity

From Beethoven to Bach… Do you ever have a hard time getting your creative juices flowing? It’s okay… It happens to the best of us. No worries. Mike and Gay have you covered! In today’s podcast, they're diving into the world of creativity and sharing their own personal examples of how they approach creativity every…
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The Big Leap Episode 75 Cover Photo showing a photo of Mike Koenigs and the words "Conscious Resting & Intentional Vacationing."

Conscious Resting and Intentional Vacationing

We've just wrapped up a time of year that tends to be super busy and STRESSFUL for a lot of us. You’re probably feeling burnt out and in need of some rest and relaxation, right? Well, you're in luck because in today’s episode, Gay and Mike dive into the Art of Conscious Resting and Intentional…
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The Big Leap Episode 74 Cover Photo showing a photo of Gay Hendricks and the words "The Secret to Finding More Time in Your Day."

The Secret to Finding More Time in Your Day

This week, Gay and Mike discuss the T word… TIME. How do you manage your time? How do you define time? How are you saving time? Over the years, Gay and Mike have tried (and failed) many different time management techniques, and have figured out what works for them. For example, Mike has a hard…
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The Big Leap Episode 73 Cover Photo showing a photo of Mike Koenigs and the words "Revealing Out Next Big Leaps."

Revealing Our Next Big Leaps

Tell Us What Your Next Big Leaps Are… Today’s episode is a special one… Gay and Mike are talking about what THEIR next Big Leaps are. They're both big believers in reinventing yourself on an ongoing basis, but there’s a question that Mike has been wanting to ask Gay for a while now…. How do…
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Sophie Chiche Purposeful Productivity

Purposeful Productivity with Sophie Chiche

Time management is OUT, Self-Management is IN! That’s what our guest today teaches. Gay and Mike could not agree more after spending time with her and learning her techniques. Her name is Sophie Chiche and she’s going to teach you how to “Do more of what works and less of what doesn't… and how to…
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Sherry Walling

Dr. Sherry Walling’s new memoir – Touching Two Worlds: A guide for finding hope in the landscape of loss

Grief is something that touches every single person in the world. Unfortunately, no one can avoid it. But how do you cope and rebuild in the aftermath of loss? Today's guest, Dr. Sherry Walling, is going to talk about grief and some surprising ways that you can deal with it. She’s written a very special…
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The Books That Changed Our Lives – Part Two

“There's nothing better than a remarkable person who writes a remarkable book that can affect you in remarkable ways.” Welcome to Part Two of The Books that Changed our Lives. This time, Mike and Gay are focusing on different types of books than they did in Part One. Some may surprise you, including Shakespeare’s Sonnets,…
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