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5 Principles to Build a Happy and Successful Marriage

5 Principles to Build a Happy and Successful Marriage

I have been married to Vivian for 21 years.  My co-host, Gay, has been married to Katie for 42 years. We have both built successful and fulfilling relationships, tested by time. For both, our marriages have been our priority, the key to our success, and our primary source of happiness.  So backed up by that…
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Stephen M.R. Covey’s New Book: Trust and Inspire

In this episode, Mike and Gay interview Stephen M.R. Covey about his new book Trust and Inspire: How Truly Great Leaders Unleash Greatness in Others, as well as his leadership legacy, vision, and current projects. The world has changed all around us in all the ways we know. And yet our style of leadership hasn't…
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Why You Should Never Stop Trying New Things

Gay & Mike meet Kirsten Vangsness, the Criminal Minds star, and actress, who talks about creativity, trying new things, as well as some of her exciting personal projects. Gay loves mystery shows! With his wife, he started to avidly watch Criminal Minds—and rather immediately, this one character kind of jumped out at them—Penelope Garcia (portrayed…
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3 Secrets to Removing Your Barriers to Receiving

What are your limiting beliefs, behaviors, or habits that cause you… To fear… To not take action… To be UNwilling to receive? In this episode, Gay unlocks some of his deepest thinking around this topic and Mike gets to be his real-life guinea pig. Today you’ll learn how to look at your life as an…
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Biggest Leaps of 2021

For Gay and Mike, the last 2 years have been the most profound times of growth and learning in their lives. In this episode of the Big Leap, they're going to time travel through their own personal Big Leaps from 2021, and some of the Big Leaps they expect for 2022. More importantly they invite…
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How to Get Back Up QUICKLY After Being Knocked Down

Do you remember the Bozo the clown toy? No matter how many times he got punched in the face, he bounced right back up. That’s Entrepreneurship in a nutshell. If you’re an Entrepreneur, you NEED to expect that you're going to hit turbulence now and again, but knowing how to recover is KEY. The guest,…
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Rewind: 5 Systems to Overcome Distractions and ADHD

Hey look… SQUIRREL!! Did you look?! Mike knows he would have. He has major ADHD and is easily distracted. You? It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do or how successful you are. It happens to the best of us. The important thing is not what distracts you, but how quickly you can recover…
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How to Install a Big Leap Operating System in Your Mind

Our guest, Laura DiFrancesco is a REAL renaissance woman. She’s a true Polymath who’s had a great deal of successes and taken a lot of incremental risks along the way. Most importantly, she's got a POWERFUL commitment to learning. Today’s episode is all about learning how to think and behave like a Polymath by studying…
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Rewind: This Is How To Pull Out Your Inner Genius

You know how you watch your favorite movies and TV shows over and over again because they’re SO GOOD? That’s the idea with today’s REWIND episode! It’s one of the most downloaded episodes of all time and Mike and Gay thought you might want to revisit it this week. Have a listen or watch and…
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