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The Best Deals You'll Ever Do Are The Deals You Don't Do

We all have regrets…  When you look back on your life, are there opportunities you wish you had taken…. Or NOT taken, whether it was personal or business? Some of those missed opportunities may have been blessings in disguise because some of the best deals you will ever do are the deals you don't do.  This concept will…
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The Secret to Building Trust

One of THE most valuable commodities a person could ever possess is TRUST. You can’t put a price tag on it. It’s absolutely invaluable. Every human being needs to know how to build it and keep it… in both their personal and business relationships. Gay and Mike are going to deconstruct building trust in all…
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Meta Marketing: How to Ask for What You Fear the Most

Q: How do you truly get what you want out of life? Q: How have the MOST successful people in the world gotten to where they are today? A: By ASKING outright for what they want. It can be really scary to ask for what you want… out loud… to other human beings… whether it’s…
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Dealing with Pandemic Feelings

Can you believe it’s been a YEAR since the start of the pandemic and lock-downs? We’ve all heard the devastating stories about loss but if you’ve been paying attention, you would have noticed a lot of uplifting stories too. Stories about growth and change and opportunities that never would have happened without this past year.…
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Conscious Eldering

No one likes the thought of getting old. Your body starts to break down… becomes more fragile, a lot more aches and pains, less flexibility and unfortunately… worse SEX. What if we told you it doesn’t need to go down like that? … that there was a way to feel 20 years younger than your…
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How to Create Profitable Collaborations

The definition of collaboration is: “a working practice whereby individuals work together for a common purpose.” When collaboration is great, (whether it’s business or personal) it’s just about the best thing you can do with the lights on. 😉 When collaboration goes badly… the results can be disastrous. Today Gay and Mike are going to…
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How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Enhance your Creativity and Income

Remember watching sci-fi movies 10-20-30 years ago like The Matrix and Bladerunner and wishing the gadgets they used existed? Here we are in 2021 and they’re not far-fetched anymore. Does the thought of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) replacing the need for human interaction scare the 💩 out of you? There’s no need…
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Would You Rather be Lucky or Work Hard(er)?

What is LUCK? Is it something you have or something you make? Do you believe that some people are born lucky? (You know who we're talking about… the people who “good things” seem to happen to… ALL the time.) Is it better to be lucky or work hard? Today we’ll answer those questions and give…
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Find Your Voice and Change How the World Perceives You

As a business owner and entrepreneur, 90% of your time is spent selling your product or YOURSELF to potential clients. (We don’t buy from people we don’t like or trust.) How do you do this effectively and still like yourself at the end of the day? WITH YOUR VOICE. Your voice and “persona” can convey…
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