The Love Thief with Arielle Ford

August 4, 2023

Gay and Mike just finished an incredible podcast with their dear friend, Arielle Ford, about her debut novel “The Love Thief” and they can’t wait for you to hear it!

Arielle is one of the world's leading experts on love, relationships and the greatest manifester Mike has ever known. She's written numerous bestselling non-fiction books like “The Soulmate Secret” and “Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate,” but this is her first foray into fiction – and what an adventure it's been!

In this episode, Arielle takes Gay and Mike behind the scenes of how this book came to be.

It all started with a crazy idea from her husband, Brian, involving aliens and operatic singing! But soon, the characters began “talking” to Arielle, almost driving her crazy. She found herself acting insecure for the first time in her career, constantly seeking reassurance from friends about her writing.

Eventually, Arielle surrendered to the muse and let this wild story download through her. The result is a juicy tale of love, betrayal, spiritual awakening, and sweet revenge. Part Eat, Pray, Love, and part Dirty John, Arielle calls it “a romantic, spiritual thriller with a surprise happy ending.”

Mike won't give away all the details, but let's just say one of the characters was inspired by HIM! (It won’t be hard to figure it out.)

Mike and Gay were fascinated and inspired to hear about Arielle's creative process. Even though writing this novel was torture at times, she learned a ton about herself along the way.

And you have to hear her vision for the audiobook (something she hopes to turn into a Grammy-winning production). Just like her manifesting powers, Arielle's imagination knows no bounds!

Whether you're an aspiring writer, novel lover, spiritual seeker, or just a fan of Arielle's work, Mike highly recommends giving this interview a listen. Arielle's joy is contagious. He knows you'll be inspired.

Key Takeaways

  • (04:09) Arielle never wanted to write a novel and how it came about
  • (09:31) The moment Arielle thought she was schizophrenia because characters started “talking” to her
  • (13:19) The process of writing the book
  • (23:09) Her dream for the audio book and winning a Grammy!
  • (34:46) The spiritual practice of channeling characters and storytelling
  • (45:05) Who is the perfect buyer of this book?

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