Change Your Life with Ai + ChatGPT

July 26, 2023

Mike is really excited about this podcast episode today.

Why? Because he and Gay are diving DEEP into a subject that he's been living, breathing, obsessing over, and teaching for months now. Can you guess what it is?

That’s right… they're talking about Ai and ChatGPT.

Gay and Mike go down the Ai rabbit hole, exploring the potential of this rapidly-evolving technology, particularly for coaches, healers, and writers. How can Ai make our lives easier, better, and more enriched? They'll unravel this mystery.

In the last few months, Mike has spoken about and taught Generative Ai for Executives to thought leaders like Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis, and Dave Asprey and their thousands of patrons. Mike has even traveled to Spain to speak to a billionaire about integrating Ai into his 60 different companies.

Needless to say, Mike has been DEEPLY immersed in this transformative technology, and he has some really cool insights to share with you!

Mike has always been a problem-solver, a translator of the complex, and that's what he's bringing to the table today. He promises to break everything down so it’s super simple to understand AND implement.

They'll discuss how Ai can act as your ‘perfect first draft' partner, helping you think more clearly, ask better questions, and become a more empathic listener. It can revolutionize your speed of learning, doing, and achieving.

It all starts with learning how to think in Ai so you can tell Chat GPT exactly what you want. Imagine communicating with a three-year-old who knows almost everything but remembers almost nothing.

It’ll push you to face your limitations until you realize the only thing limiting you is your imagination. And once you get the hang of it, you'll see why Mike says you can practically bend time and access just about any wisdom and knowledge.

This is more than just a conversation about Ai, though. It's a conversation about our future, our potential, and how we can evolve to keep pace with our creations. Get ready for an engaging, enlightening, and thought-provoking journey into the world of Ai.

It's worth every minute, and as always, Mike can't wait to hear what you think! The future is here, and it's incredibly exciting!

Key Takeaways

  • (04:17) Learn how to THINK in Ai (imagine a 3-year-old that knows almost everything but remembers almost nothing)
  • (14:07) How to consume 20 – 30 minutes of content in under an hour
  • (17:45) How to get to a new place in creativity with Ai
  • (24:28) How a coach or advisor can prosper by using Ai
  • (29:52) How to write a script in the voice of Steve Jobs
  • (37:07) We’re just months away from the first high-quality, completely Ai-generated movies

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