Getting Unstuck

October 1, 2020

Do you feel like you’re trapped? Stuck?

Like your life is going absolutely NOWHERE?

Like you’re wearing cement shoes, completely and utterly STUCK in every aspect of your life? (Money, relationships, health, business…)

How much would you give to be able to escape that paralyzing feeling or situation and actually be free?

You’re in luck because today on The Big Leap podcast, Gay Hendricks and Mike Koenigs will give you everything you need to get UNSTUCK. Getting both your own mind and helping a spouse or partner get unstuck with you. Plus Gay will teach you about your two personality types.

Learning about your two different personalities can save you a lot of pain by knowing what elements of both personalities are and how they show up in relationships. Grab a notepad because there’s a lot of juicy stuff in this one!

Every single human being needs to know how to get UNstuck. Both Gay and Mike have had their trials and tribulations with the issue… and they still do. It's part of the human experience and okay to get stuck. Everybody does now and again.

The question is, what resources and tools get you unstuck?

What Gay has found over the last 40 years of working with many different people is that some are actually unconsciously committed to staying stuck and have a vested interest in keeping themselves unenlightened.

Let’s talk about the two different personality types. (Once you understand them it makes it a lot easier to forgive yourself for being stuck.)

When we come into this world, for the first six months or so, the only thing we have to do is to exude being. We usually have people around us that when we smile at them, they smile back. The whole intent of the first six months of life is to make friends, to bond, to get close to another human being or “union.”

The second six months of life you start “individuating.” You begin to crawl. You crawl away from your mother or father, you crawl into another room and then crawl back to home base, so it's about exploration.

We have these two things called “union” and “individuation” that will go on throughout your life. Some of us are more inclined to “union.” We like to hug and get close to other people. Some of us are more about individuation. We don't like to be hugged too much and spend a lot of time by ourselves. Most of us work out a combination of union and individuation.

Number one is largely based on what can I do to get recognition and positive input. For the first six months of life we learn to smile and giggle and make people like us because that's the intent of personality. Personality number one is the outgoing part of us.

With personality number two, there's a failure of personality. With number one you smile at your daddy when he comes home from work then one day, he's in a bad mood, growls at you and swats you across the rear. Suddenly there’s a failure to please and then the intention shifts. Instead of an intention to be outgoing and connect in a positive way, you decide this is “not a safe place for me.” I have to be careful about personality.

The intention of personality number one is, “what do I need to do to get positive recognition.” When that fails, personality two kicks in with a very different intention, which is, “how can I avoid pain?”

What happens when we get stuck is that personality number two gets a grip on us and we don't know how to get out of it. This show is dedicated to how to get out of the grip of personality number two, and get back into the flow of personality number one again.

You’ll love yourself more. Others will too.

To hear all about our resources, tools and tricks to move forward and get you unstuck, tune in here! You won’t regret it. Share this episode with someone you love!

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