5 Steps To Double Your Luck

November 22, 2023

With Stuart Lacey

Mike has something super special for you in this week's podcast episode — a fascinating conversation about luck, opportunity, mindset and manifesting positive outcomes with two unconventional thinkers.

Gay and Mike sat down with Stuart Lacey for a fascinating exploration of luck.

You're going to absolutely love hearing Gay and Stuart dive deep into what luck really means, how to cultivate it in your life, and their unique formulas for manifesting more luck.

These are two guys who have thought more about luck than almost anyone Mike knows. Gay literally wrote the book on Conscious Luck and Stuart's new book is called “The Formula for Luck.” So they've got some profound wisdom to share.

They covered things like:

  • The key mindsets and behaviors that “lucky” people have in common
  • Practical techniques to help you maximize serendipity and flow
  • How to quickly recover when things don't go your way
  • The role of empathy, connection, and community in enhancing luck
  • And much more!

Mike had so much fun geeking out with Gay and Stuart on this topic. As three naturally curious people, they got into the metaphysics, neuroscience, and social dynamics behind luck and good fortune.

So whether you want to understand luck on a theoretical level or learn how to have more of it in your own life, you're going to find tremendous value in this episode.

Jump in and let Mike know what gems you uncover!

Key Takeaways

  • (03:48) Developing a luck mindset through conscious thinking
  • (09:24) The nature of luck and manifestation
  • (13:14) Luck, mindset and decision making
  • (23:36) The neuroscience of luck and flow state
  • (32:22) The formula for manifesting luck and personal growth
  • (45:04) The importance of self acceptance and gratitude to open yourself up to new opportunities

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