5 Steps To Ending Period Pain the Easy Way

January 5, 2024

Get ready for something TOTALLY different on this week's podcast…

As you know, Gay and Mike like to go off the beaten path and get out of their comfort zones sometimes.

Well, this week they went WAY out of their comfort zone and talked with an amazing young woman, Christine Marie Quigless, about something they never thought they'd be discussing on a podcast – women's periods!

Not their usual topic, but hear them out… Christine has dedicated her life to helping women have a better, easier monthly cycle. She's written a book all about the science and psychology behind it called, “Ending Period Pain the Easy Way.”

And here's the cool part – what she's discovered can teach guys a LOT about themselves, too. The same principles of tuning into your body's wisdom apply whether you're a man or woman.

Christine is so passionate and articulate. The story of how she met Gay and ended up speaking with him and Mike is pure conscious luck in action. She's on a mission to change women's lives, and the insights she shared have opened Mike's eyes in all kinds of unexpected ways.

So come with an open mind and get ready for a fun, frank conversation about something that affects half the human population.

Not only will you learn a ton, but you'll be thoroughly entertained. Christine has so much heart and her enthusiasm is downright infectious. Mike and Gay were cracking up through parts of the convo. (Let's just say she does NOT hold back. The girl's got no filter and they loved it.)

Check out this week's podcast and let Mike know what you think. He's curious to hear your reactions to this one!

Key Takeaways

  • (03:20) Podcast highlights helping women with period issues.
  • (06:42) Multiple surgeries, pills, pain, seeking solutions.
  • (10:13) New book, ebook, audiobook on program offered.
  • (15:40) Struggle to be understood, found unexpected perspective.
  • (19:08) Sister's feedback inspires women to find purpose.
  • (22:11) Holistic approach to body, self-awareness, and empowerment.
  • (24:43) Rest is essential for rebuilding and healing.
  • (27:28) Addressing bodily discomfort through life coaching methods.
  • (34:20) Living on a mission transforms attitude towards menstruation.
  • (42:36) Reject masculine energy, embrace natural essence, empower.
  • (45:18) Evolution impacts work schedules for both genders.
  • (48:21) 2022 women in the workplace report: “The Great Breakup.”

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