Ambassador Marketing

July 28, 2021

Imagine that you had a certain type of client that you wanted to reach with your business.

What if, instead of marketing to hundreds of thousands of people…

You could find just ONE person, who, with their recommendation, could bring you all the clients and followers you could ever maintain for the rest of your professional career.

How would that feel?

For many people, marketing is a major challenge.

Today Mike and Gay are going to show you a new way to think about marketing. A paradigm shift.

It fits in well with the kind of principles and ideas that Gay teaches in The Big Leap.

It’s something Mike calls Ambassador Marketing, and it's how to find an ambassador who will influence the most influential people to grow your business, support a cause, or create momentum and impact.

Watch or listen to this episode for all of this — and MORE.

Ambassador Marketing is a model that makes marketing really simple, saving you time and energy.

Think of it like a bullseye with 4 concentric circles inside:

  1. Your IDEAL Client. (Who do you want to be a hero to?)
  2. Affinity Group (What groups do your ideal clients belong to?)
  3. Influencer (Who are the influencers inside the affinity group that you can connect with?)
  4. Ambassador (Someone who could introduce you to influencers who in turn influence multiple affinity groups.)

Instead of doing complicated marketing, like Facebook ads, email marketing, social media, webinars, sales pages and funnels…

The Ambassador shares your story and their TRUST in you. BOOM! Results.

This episode will expand your thinking and mindset so that you can grow your business in a whole new, heart-opening way.

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