The Art of Collaborative Experiences

August 20, 2021

Imagine being able to solve ANY problem or challenge that comes your way, effortlessly.

Entrepreneurs LOVE to express themselves creatively and invent new things.

One of the best ways of doing this is with Collaborative Experiences.

Today, Mike and Gay will show you how to use the power of shared consciousness to make miracles happen with ease and clarity.

They'll talk about collaborating and how to get the most out of working with someone else.

Mike is also going to introduce something he calls the “Reverse Mastermind.” (It's a really powerful way to get decades of wisdom from super smart people with improv.)

This is a BIG topic and really worth paying attention to because when collaboration goes well… magic happens!

Listen or watch this episode to learn the ART OF COLLABORATIVE EXPERIENCES.

Gay and Mike agree that, “You get to success as much by saying no, as you do by saying yes.”

Learning how to say an enlightened, “NO” is one of the hardest things to do, but once you do, your life will get infinitely less cluttered.

Gay has had experiences in the past where he didn't do enough emotional due diligence with folks he started collaborating with, so when stuff came up, he didn’t know how to deal with it.

Consequently, he’s spent a lot of time learning how to spot and say no to things that are going to be trouble later on.

Here's the best thing he’s learned about collaboration:

“The more I can be in touch with the things that are driving me, being aware of my intention, of things I'm afraid of, of that inner world, the more I'm open. It becomes easier for me to collaborate with other people, because I'm open to them.”

You know the old saying, “Never love another person, unless you love yourself first.” That goes way beyond loving relationships. It applies to business, too.

The major thing that goes wrong in business almost never has anything to do with business.

It's not because of a clash of the numbers or budget. It’s because one person has dug into some old issue that goes way back into the recesses of their early life and an old trauma explodes into drama.

Mike recently hosted a mastermind group called “Fishy Business” where he created the concept of REVERSE MASTERMIND.

He asked everyone, ”How could we make this experience an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10?”

They went around the room and one person said, “I would love to find a way to invent something, and collaborate together. Something we all walk away with.”

It created a higher level of thinking in the group for everyone to find opportunities together.

The BIG IDEA here is Shared Consciousness.

Humans actually share consciousness. It’s just a quirk of our minds that makes us think of ourselves as individuals.

If we can let go of the idea of our individuality, our ego, and own that other part of ourselves that's connected to everything in the universe. It's a much better place to collaborate from and helps us understand ourselves better and certainly helps us open our hearts and minds to other people.

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