Living in “Easy World”

September 10, 2021

Mike and Gay's guest, Troy Lavinia, says there is a lot of work we can do to help people see the intersection between entrepreneurship and spirituality.

The world is changing and growing really quickly.

We’ve never been more inundated with information or more stressed.

Yet SO MANY of us have an incredible desire to do something creative or entrepreneurial AND are super open-minded to spirituality.

This episode will show you how AND how to take it further.

Watch or listen to this episode to learn how you can operationalize spiritual principles to create great organizations and LIVE IN “EASY WORLD”.

Mike and Gay don’t do a lot of interviews on the Big Leap so when they do, it’s always with someone really special.

Gay has known Troy for over a year and has been really impressed with the way he goes about his business.

His company is Mosaic Research Management, and they’re what's called an “expert network.”

Essentially they’re a matchmaker between investors at institutional investment firms.

For example, they may have a client who is a hedge fund analyst and thinking about investing in Nike. They may end up taking a $100 million position in Nike, so they really want to do their homework.

They'll read everything there is to read but they also want to talk to “on the ground sources”.

Troy’s company might go find the former CFO of Nike, who understands that business and its drivers, or they might find competitors of Nike who can talk about on the ground competition.

They put those people as advisors in touch with their clients for one on one telephone consultations.

By speaking with those industry experts, their clients get more knowledgeable about the business, fortify their investment thesis, and have more conviction in their investments.

Then, about a year and a half ago, they started a subsidiary business, which is recordings and transcripts of those calls.

With the permission of the experts and analysts, they’re recording and transcribing those conversations and putting them in a library so that you can go in and read them.

So if you're an analyst who wants to do the research on Nike, you can go in and read the interviews that other analysts have done about Nike to get smart on that company really quickly.

They’re advertising and monetizing this subsidiary through a subscription.

There is SO much more valuable information on this episode including Troy’s first Big Leap that involves his concept of MIDNIGHT PIZZA. (You're not going to want to miss this… it’s life changing!)

PLUS you’ll learn about creating great organizations through spiritual principles and operationalizing them AND how to start living in “EASY WORLD”, where everything IS easy.

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