All the World is THEATER!

June 16, 2020

What if you could control your creative state at will and innovate on demand no matter what? Do you have that level of control?

WHAT IS CREATIVITY? Are you under the impression that only artists, musicians, actors and photographers possess creativity? Well, we’ve got news for ya’… it’s not true.

Each and every one of us is a highly creative being and believe it or not creativity is essential in building successful businesses, relationships, bank-accounts and lives. Maybe your understanding of the word “creative” is a little skewed? Here’s what it truly means to be creative:


Inside this episode of The Big Leap podcast is a whole new way to look at your creativity and how to open up space for more of it to flow through. Gay and Mike will talk about how once you get that space opened up, it becomes an easy thing rather than something that causes you stress or pain.

Gay also reveals specifically how he gets into a creative state, how he meditates and also when he's most creative and Mike shares his own process as well. Gay also gets into is how he oscillates between creating his books (46 to date) and doing novels and screenplays.

Also, SPOILER ALERT… Gay and Mike are going to design an event in real time, so you're going to see how they collaborate and create together and how you can model that as well.

Gay has worked with a lot of people in theater, music and movies and something he’s noticed is that oftentimes they are wildly creative but don't know how to channel it. A lot of times they’re the kind of people who have 15 creative ideas that they couldn’t possibly ever act on them all.

He thinks that creativity is the reason a lot of people fall into addictions too. They don't know how to turn off wild creativity so they use alcohol or drugs to tamp it down.

The reason we say you're a lot more creative than you think, is because your thoughts are what's keeping you from opening up your creative space because the space to create doesn't have anything to do with thought.

Thought is a subset of creativity but the actual thing that's happening that's incredibly important about creativity is turning nothing into something. In other words the place where space suddenly becomes material. Let's call it alchemy.

Creativity is scary to a lot of people. The idea of opening up to your own individual genius can be really scary because in a way, you do have to go down through layers of fear to access your real creativity.

It’s one thing to create from your ego. Sure, you can make millions of dollars with your ego and build gigantic skyscrapers, but at a certain point everybody wakes up (hopefully before they're on their deathbed) and says, “wait a minute, did I leave myself behind in the process?

Oftentimes the answer is yes.

Getting out of your way is SUPER important but first, you've got to be willing to say no to everything else in life and asking yourself, “what do I really want to do?” “What do I really want to create?”

Listen to this episode to hear Gay and Mike's perspective on clearing the SPACE to be creative AND listen as they create and design an event together in real time!

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