Pull Out Your Inner Genius

June 30, 2020

Do you ever feel STUCK? Like you’re just not going anywhere in life? Like nothing has changed, moved forward or inspired you in a REALLY long time?

It almost feels like you're actually going backwards sometimes?!

Whether it’s in your business, relationships, health, finances or creativity, it really sucks feeling this way.

What if you could access an unbounded source of creativity inside of YOURSELF at any given moment? What if you could use your own natural body resources to feel good ALL the time?

Imagine being able to use your body as a dashboard that tells you exactly what's going on in your life.

Gay Hendricks and Mike Koenigs have an episode of The Big Leap they think you’re going to LOVE. Especially if you’re interested in learning how to turn ON your deepest creativity, plus a very practical process that Gay uses to get unstuck.

They’ll also talk about a big distinction between your zone of genius and your zone of excellence and how to get yourself there AND a really practical tool that Mike only uses with his $35,000 superpower accelerator vision days clients. (and how he activates their energy and get in sync. So they create together!) It's a never fail process!

Gay’s notion of your “emotional dashboard” and thinking about how to read your body in ways you may never have done before, is something that’s had a massive impact on Mike. It’s a superpower visualization you'll be able to start using today.

Something people really need to be doing right now is learning how to open up and let more of their true creativity emerge. There's a difference between ordinary creativity where you're using your creative skills to do things for other people and true creativity where you're using your skills to do things for other people that benefit yourself.

A lot of people get stuck in what Gay calls, the big leap, zone of excellence, where they're doing stuff they're good at, but they're not drawing on their genius. He’s spent a good bit of his career creating the space that invites fourth genius.

When Gay is working with a private client (in addition to visioning) he spends a lot of time beforehand creating a space inside himself for connecting with that person, knowing something about their journey and making space for that. Dedicating himself to serving them is incredibly important.

When Mike is working with his high-end clients, he always asks them to go out into an imaginary future a year from now, look back at where they are now and ask themselves, what will it take to get to this other place. Sometimes the act of simply shifting them out of the present and looking back at where they are now is enough to kind of pop loose the creativity because Mike suggests that creativity is sitting there waiting to be invited.

So what are some of the resources and tools for pulling out your inner genius? What are the techniques that we've used with our highest-level clients over the years to activate that center and get them in the right fit space?

You’ll have to tune in to this episode to find out AND to hear some powerful questions that you can use to elevate your relationships with people you care about and how you can elevate anyone you come in contact with.

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