Surfing The Leading Edge

The Big Leap Episode 78 Cover Photo showing a photo of Gay Hendricks and the words "Surfing The Leading Edge - Reinventing Yourself At Any Age."

Reinventing Yourself at Any Age Lots of people go into midlife without opening up to find out what their real genius is for THIS stage of their life. One of Gay’s mentors said, “Every Breath You Take after 50 is a choice between creativity or stagnation” and that’s what today’s episode is all about. Mike…

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Steven Sashen, The Creator of Xero Shoes

The Big Leap Episode 77 Cover Photo showing a photo of Steven Sashen and the words "Steven Sashen - The Creator of Xero Shoes."

The Evolution of A Renaissance Man What do you get when you combine a comedian, a sprinter, a filmmaker, an archer, and an entrepreneur all in one? You get Steven Sashen, and this week, Gay and Mike had the pleasure of picking his brain. One of the things that Mike loves about Steven is that…

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