Change Your Life with Ai + ChatGPT

The Big Leap Episode 84 Cover Photo showing a photo of Mike Koenigs and the words "Change Your Life with AI and ChatGPT."

Mike is really excited about this podcast episode today. Why? Because he and Gay are diving DEEP into a subject that he’s been living, breathing, obsessing over, and teaching for months now. Can you guess what it is? That’s right… they’re talking about Ai and ChatGPT. Gay and Mike go down the Ai rabbit hole,…

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Surviving a Life-Changing Injury: Gay’s Big Adventure

The Big Leap Episode 83 Cover Photo showing a photo of Gay Hendricks and the words "Surviving a Life-Changing Injury: Gay's Big Adventure."

Mike has an extraordinary episode for you today, one that is a soul-touching testament to resilience, recovery, and the human spirit. Gay shares a remarkable and deeply personal account of his recent adventure – a harrowing, yet enlightening experience following a serious accident. This episode isn’t just about a physical healing journey; it’s a spiritual…

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